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K.C. Sherred

good food. good drink. good people.
food reporter + home cook + bartender


TNT Diner

The landing page to the food and dining column I manage at The Tacoma News Tribune.
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Défoncé aims high in burgeoning edibles market

"Everyone can make a decent cup of coffee," said Défoncé founder and CEO Eric Eslao, but it remains difficult to find accurately dosed cannabis chocolate -- even in California.
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Why Isn’t America Drinking More Genever?

Rosewater, pink peppercorns, or cucumber can make a gin different, but do these nontraditional ingredients make a gin good? “New Western dry” gins eclipsed the godfather of them all, the little wallflower known as genever.
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K.C. Sherred

A proud Pittsburgh native, I never hesitate to tout Steel City as one of America's greatest and most underrated. It was there, among hot dogs and a chilly craft beer cave, that I fell for the wonders of a good beer shared with good food and good people. Now I am an avid cook and a spirits nerd who finally, after years of persuasion, convinced her dad to keep the vermouth in the fridge.

Many moons ago (2009), I graduated from Boston University's College of Communication with a B.S. in Photojournalism and a minor in French. In 2018, I earned my master's at the Medill School of Journalism in Chicago, where I lived for nearly a decade.

Still loving words almost as much as hockey, beer, crafts, and sarcasm, I am a writer at heart. I focus my work on restaurants and bars and the people who make them. I also relish the chance to report on food policy, nutrition, labor and the environment.

Currently, I am engulfed in the F&B scene of beautiful Tacoma, Washington, as a full-time food reporter for The News Tribune.

For stories from the PNW, message me: I'm hungry and available.




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