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TNT Diner

The landing page to the food and dining column I manage at The Tacoma News Tribune.
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Why 'ghost' restaurants are changing the delivery game

To meet customers where they are, restaurants have been all but forced to embrace online ordering for pickup and delivery. While major brands including Chipotle, Panera and Roti have added second lines to accommodate the influx of carryout orders, other brands and third-party platforms have turned to an entirely new model: the virtual restaurant.
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Défoncé aims high in burgeoning edibles market

"Everyone can make a decent cup of coffee," said Défoncé founder and CEO Eric Eslao, but it remains difficult to find accurately dosed cannabis chocolate -- even in California.
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Wicker Park's family-owned past nears extinction as condos rise

Heavy foot traffic, major retail, busy bars, two Blue Line stations -- these perks make up a big stretch of Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago’s Wicker Park. Yet 16 percent of the street’s ground-floor spaces remain vacant. Will an influx of new residential buildings change that?
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Chicago Leads the Way to a Good Food Future

When Leslie Fowler asked America’s largest chicken producers to increase their supply of antibiotic-free poultry, they gave her “the Heisman hand” and turned down the chief nutrition and facilities officer for Chicago Public Schools (CPS). That was the fall of 2016. By the start of the 2017 school year, all chicken served in each of Chicago’s 646 public schools was antibiotic-free. This victory convinced CPS that signing on to the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP) was not only a tenable option, but was also a vital pathway to better food.
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Without supervision, recycling goes rogue

The city imposed a strict recycling ordinance last summer but forgot about enforcing it. In 2017, the city expects these same buildings to recycle full-stop. The problem: no one is checking.
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Hotel workers fired after sister hotel says yes to union

After years of working for the same River North hotel, 28 housekeepers lost their jobs on an otherwise normal Tuesday in September. The hotel's parent company Oxford Capital Group also owns The Godfrey, which voted to unionize in September. Unite Here, a hospitality union, wonders if the Felix firing was a preemptive decision.
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No Tipping Please: why gratuity could be a lost cause

On legal paper, the employer receives a “tip credit” to pay this lower wage to employees who perform tipped work, which by law requires that the employee’s primary responsibility be direct customer interaction. Regardless of their level of service, they’re not compensated with a living wage unless you, the customer, pay them what their employer either cannot afford or refuses to pay. The tip credit is a legal way for employers to pay employees less in the expectation that customers will tip employees enough to ensure a living wage.
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Filipino Kitchen Sheds Light on Misunderstood Cuisine

Since Filipino Kitchen’s inception last year, and before their first full-blown Kultura Festival at the Logan Square Emporium in October, the most commonly asked question from outsiders remains the same: what is Filipino food?
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Why Isn’t America Drinking More Genever?

Rosewater, pink peppercorns, or cucumber can make a gin different, but do these nontraditional ingredients make a gin good? “New Western dry” gins eclipsed the godfather of them all, the little wallflower known as genever.
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12 Delicious Desserts Inspired By Savory Dishes in Chicago

Those who consider their sweet tooth a blessing may often say, "Sure, I guess I can look at the dessert menu." Alas, many desserts can be over-the-top sweet, or perhaps too traditional, making many diners abstain. But a few chefs and restaurants get sweets from an ulterior perspective, yanking savory dishes from the main event, twisting them through dreams of whirly pastry tubes, and plopping them onto the dessert list like a taco gone Animorphs.
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K.C. Sherred

A proud Pittsburgh native, I never hesitate to tout Steel City as one of America's greatest and most underrated. It was there, among hot dogs and a chilly craft beer cave, that I fell for the wonders of a good beer shared with good food and good people. Now I am an avid cook and a spirits nerd who finally, after years of persuasion, convinced her dad to keep the vermouth in the fridge.

Many moons ago (2009), I graduated from Boston University's College of Communication with a B.S. in Photojournalism and a minor in French. In 2018, I earned my master's at the Medill School of Journalism in Chicago, where I lived for nearly a decade.

Still loving words almost as much as hockey, beer, crafts, and sarcasm, I am a writer at heart. I focus my work on restaurants and bars and the people who make them. I also relish the chance to report on food policy, nutrition, labor and the environment.

Currently, I am engulfed in the F&B scene of beautiful Tacoma, Washington, as a full-time food reporter for The News Tribune.

For stories from the PNW, message me: I'm hungry and available.




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